Pavliuk O., Kvasnytsya V., Kysliuk V., Pavliuk V. Native Platinum in Rocks of the Chemerpil’ska Structure (the Middle Bug Area) // Mineralogical Journal. – № 1. -32. – 2010. – C. 50-56.

Holovanivs’ka sutural zone attracts people attention of researchers the prospect region for elements of platinum group exploration for a long time. Starting from the 1970’s in the course of geological survey platinum anoma lies were explored in the North-Ternuvats’ka, Kapitans’ka, Lypovenkivs’ka and Chemerpils’ka areas by different geological organizations. Maximal platinum content (1 g/t) was explored in the Kapitans’kyi ultrabasic massif. However native platinum was detected just as inclusions in minerals-bearers. In 2009 native platinum was explored for the first time in individual grains in the Chemerpil’ska and Bakshyns’ka structures. Chemerpil’ska structure is an association of eight oval synclinal formations from 120 to 700 metres in length and with steep to subvertical limbs dip which consist of the Archean metabasites and siliceous-carbonate igneous-sedimentary rocks. Most of their cores have high content of magnetite, often of industrial contents. Native platinum is set in amphibolite which is pierced by thin (to 1 cm) veins of quartz and of the fissures with aggregates of sulfides and clay minerals on its side. Steel-grey platinum grains with metallic lustre have elongated lamellar shape. Their sizes are (mm): 0.3×0.1; 0.5×0.1; 0.5×0.4; 0.7×0.1; 0.75×0.2. Gold content in the samples with platinum is 0.32 g/t. Satellite elements are zinc, argentum, satellite minerals are arsenopyrite, molybdenite, pyrrhotine. Chemical composition of the native platinum is the next, %: Pt (97.185—99.693), Pd (0—0.019), Os (0,012—0,099), Rh (0,213— 0,309), Ni (0—0,009), Fe (0,009—0,023), Cu (0—0.008), Ag (0—0.007). Mineralogical researches point to the spatial connection between platinum and native gold. Materials for argumentation of genetic type of platinum mineralization of Chemerpil’ska structure are not sufficient to day. It is just possible to point out the connection of gold and platinum with deoxidated, scarning and greiseningmafites. In the future it is necessary to continue geochemical and mineralogical researches of platinum mineralization of the Chemerpil’ska structure. It will promote a considerable growth of economic demand as the possible future deposit of noble metals.

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